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Warehouse consulting: expert design principles to maximize efficiency and productivity.

As a business owner or facility manager, optimizing your warehouse layout is the key to maximum efficiency and productivity. Design is the crucial factor that enables streamlined processes, minimizes manual labor, and ensures the safety of all personnel. An expert consulting service takes your facility’s unique requirements and determines the optimal blueprint to maximize productivity, safety, and positively impact your bottom line.

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Core Principles


Considering the principles below can help you design an efficient layout and streamline warehouse operations. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider:

Understanding the Flow of Goods
Great warehouse design begins with determining the flow of goods. From the moment of arrival through to shipping, the flow must be logical and undergo the least number of moves, thus reducing timescales and damage risk. Manual handling must be minimal, and intelligent use of storage implemented. 
Maximizing Storage Space
Every square foot of storage space must be maximized—both horizontally and vertically. The right selection of accessible shelving and racking systems is a critical component of warehouse design and requires expert analysis to maximize potential without increasing the overall warehouse footprint.
Streamlining Material Handling
Utilizing the right handling equipment and minimizing human contact upscales the flow of goods and reduces risk (both to products and personnel). It also speeds up productivity. LEAN principles that focus on removing waste and eliminating clutter make for a safer, more efficient environment.
Technology & Personnel
Smart warehouse operation plays a significant role (automated systems, real-time inventory tracking, AI, ML, etc.) in improving efficiency, quality control, and processing speed. It also future-proofs your operation. Personnel requirements, such as shift changes, training, etc., also play an element in warehouse design to ensure safety at all times.
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Warehouse planning is the cornerstone for optimal operational success. There’s never a wrong time to analyze your facility—be it for new construction, refurb, or an upgrade of existing equipment. With decades of experience, the Fast Equipment design team is perfectly placed to help you streamline processes with our expert warehouse consulting service.

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