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With the ultimate equipment portfolio, facility assessment expertise, and installation know-how, Fast Equipment can help upgrade your facility’s safety features. 

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Ensuring personnel safety

Fast equipment’s range of safety barriers, industrial guard rails, & mezzanine gates provides bespoke solutions for all warehouse and commercial facility needs.

Understanding Barrier Safety Systems
Barrier safety systems use a combination of hardware that works in harmony to create the ultimate safety system. These can be broken down into individual components, such as barriers, guard rails, mezzanine barriers, etc. Defining the ultimate safety system is best achieved following an in-depth assessment of facility needs, which will highlight the right system combination to address requirements.
Loading Dock Safety Barriers
Unoccupied loading docks have historically been the location for serious and even fatal injuries, making them a prime location for robust safety features. Highly visible barriers of adequate height are an essential addition to any warehouse loading dock or any area that has potentially dangerous drop-off points. They come in both manual and automatic designs.
Industrial Guard Rails & Mezzanine Gates
A key feature of intelligent warehouse working is to maximize every inch of available space. This has led to a dramatic increase in personnel needing to work at height, meaning sufficient attention must be guard rails and other platform barriers. Mezzanines are legally required to have gates and handrails at all edges and any at-height workspace must have full-time safety systems in place.
In-Plant Safety Options
While the traditional painted yellow line continues to be a mainstay of warehouse safety features, it provides no protection whatsoever of keeping personnel away from hazardous areas. Fixed guard rail systems and bollards are the answer to this, providing an effective safety feature that can also be supplied in a retractable format for the ultimate in flexible workspace.
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Safety Without Compromise—that’s the Fast Equipment Commitment

When it comes to safety features, Fast Equipment is a leading provider, not only of the equipment itself, but in determining how to best integrate this into your facility. From new constructions, refurbishments, and asset replacement to essential maintenance and repairs, we’ve become the go-to supplier for industrial and commercial facilities across Southeast Florida.

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