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Commercial hollow metal doors

Superior Performance Commercial and Industrial Doors

The right selection of commercial and industrial doors is crucial for building productivity, energy efficiency, and optimal workplace efficiency. Hollow metal doors offer the ultimate dynamics for warehouses, office spaces, and other commercial facilities. Constructed from reinforced steel sheets and filled with insulation, they can be finished in any color or design to complement interior décor and your company brand.

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Fast Equipment’s unrivaled range of commercial hollow metal doors is ideal for both new and retrofit construction products.

Choosing Hollow Metal Doors
High-grade hollow metal doors come in a variety of styles and insulation choices to suit your needs. Polyurethane, polystyrene, and kraft honeycomb are the most commonly-used core materials that bring the ultimate insulating properties. Hollow metal doors are proven to offer the lowest cost of ownership over any other material, making them a wise choice for any commercial facility.
Commercial Hollow Metal Doors
Options include single and double doors, with or without glass panels, and in multiple different styles. Metal building doors, multi-paneled doors, fire doors, louvered doors, flush doors… Strong, durable, low-maintenance, and meeting all the strict guidelines of the Steel Door Institute (SDI) and/or The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAIMM).
Specialty Metal Doors
Designed in standard or customized finishes, we provide Dutch doors, heavy-duty commercial doors, stainless steel and steel-stiffened doors, wood-finish doors, and more. In similarity to all the commercial hollow metal doors in the Fast Equipment portfolio, specialty doors provide superior swing testing performance, are highly durable, and play an important role in energy efficiency.
Premium Brand Metal Doors
Our premium brand doors many of the top-end names in steel door manufacturing that are synonymous with craftsmanship, style, and longevity. The doors and frames can also be certified and labeled for fire-rating as well as FL product approval, which plays a significant role in helping facilities meet their safety obligations. They also offer superior soundproofing qualities.
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Fast Equipment Provide the Ultimate Range of Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

They can upgrade security, meet fire regulation requirements, provide soundproofing, increase building energy efficiency… The list is endless. Fast Guard’s decades of warehouse and commercial building expertise will help you pinpoint the correct doors for your facility.

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