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Loading dock accessories

Upgrading Loading Dock Productivity & Flow with the Ultimate Loading Dock Accessories

Dock accessories aren’t just a nice-to-have, they provide the essential features that increase safety, expedite loading and unloading, as well as protect vehicles, equipment, and other valuable assets.

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Enhancing safety & working practices

From loading lights to dock bumpers and trailer stands, Fast Equipment will help define your ideal loading dock portfolio.

Lights, Bumpers, & Trailer Stands
Dock lights, bumpers, and trailer stands are the mainstay of dock accessories. Lighting is essential to conform with legislation, bumpers protect the dock from damage, and trailer stands are a cost-effective way of preventing landing gear collapse and all the associated risks and costs this brings.
Loading Dock Trailer Stabilizers
Dock trailer stabilizers provide an additional level of landing gear collapse prevention over that of trailer stands. They have a wide load capacity and offer extra support for trailers with heavy or uneven loads. Introducing a trailer stabilizer into all loading scenarios is good practice that dramatically reduces risk. 
Loading Dock Safety Signage
Signage, traffic light systems, and guide protection are essential dock accessories. The latest reflective options and LED bands/traffic lights enhance visibility, even in low light or poor weather conditions, and are far superior to conventional glass bead reflectors. They also help facilities achieve their environmental obligations.
Loading Dock Fans
Efficient fans play a huge role in improving worker comfort, making conditions within a trailer far more pleasant to withstand. This is especially important in warmer regions, where internal trailer temperatures can rise to levels that aren’t conducive to acceptable working conditions. 
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The Right Range of Dock Accessories will Streamline the Loading/Unloading Experience

As we all know, efficiency and minimizing unnecessary movements are the key to good loading and unloading procedures. Fast Equipment can help define the ultimate dock accessory portfolio for your facility’s needs, leading to the best working practices, reduced injury risk, and a happy workforce.

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