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Ensure Environmental Control and Robust Security with Advanced Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock seals & shelters are designed to provide a barrier of protection against the elements, preventing damage to goods, keeping cooled air inside the building, and increasing security. With many different types and customizable options, they can be tailored to suit any loading bay requirements, thus protecting both products and workers during all loading/unloading operations.

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Securing the gap between warehouse and environment

Protecting goods and personnel during loading and unloading processes is crucial, making it essential to select the correct loading dock seals & shelters for your facility’s needs.

The Role of Loading Dock Seals & Shelters
Quite simply, loading dock seals & shelters plug the large hole (or holes) that each dock door creates. Each of these openings represents a weakness in building integrity. It’s an access and egress point where undesirables can enter—inclement weather, rodents, dust, people, etc.—and expensive energy use can escape (air conditioning, temperature-controlled areas, heating, etc.)
Dock Seals Explained
A dock seal is made from material-covered foam that’s mounted around the dock door. This compresses around three sides of the trailer when it’s in situ, creating an effective barrier that separates the inside warehouse from the outside world. The best dock seals come with additional features that protect against the regular wear and tear caused by trailer pressure and friction.
Dock Shelters Explained
Dock shelters also seal against the outside but in a slightly different way. A shelter has multiple curtains mounted on a frame that surrounds the dock door. As the trailer backs in, these curtains drop down and around the trailer to form a seal. They come in multiple designs, such as rigid, flexible, inflatable, combination, and more. Shelters are generally best suited for larger dock doors. 
Underlevelers, Hoods, & Rain Guards
There are a variety of additional dock seals that can further improve environmental control: Underlevelers provide a seal along the fourth side—the dock leveler pit, rain guards (or shelter canopies) add an additional level of sealing at the top of the dock door, and hoods provide an increased degree of protection against severe inclement weather, such as heavy rain, ice, and snow.
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Protecting your warehouse from exterior contamination, theft risk, and reducing energy needs are all essential requirements for today’s advanced warehouses. Fast Equipment can advise and fit (or retrofit) the right dock seal and shelter solutions and service these essential assets for the ultimate longevity.

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