Fast Equipment Planned Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance protocol

Proactive Approach

Warehouse maintenance is best approached proactively. Regular assessment and servicing of equipment not only prevents unexpected failure, but it increases the longevity of your investment and keeps the facility operating as intended. Fast Equipment provides a comprehensive planned maintenance program that’s unique to your company’s requirements. The value of this goes far beyond that of cost. Customers can easily budget for the life cycle of each asset, plus the risk of unplanned breakdowns and costly repairs is dramatically reduced. Our planned warehouse maintenance programs can be set up for a single piece of machinery right through to your entire warehouse inventory.

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Core Principles

The 4 Golden Rules of Preventative Warehouse Maintenance

Preventative warehouse maintenance provides vital elements of equipment care that can directly impact your facility’s profits.

Increases equipment reliability 
In today’s competitive landscape, no company wants to pay out for expensive and unexpected repairs. The sudden failure of equipment can mean costly repairs and often take the warehouse (or an element of it) offline for hours, days, or longer. Not only does this negatively impact your bottom line, but it also erodes customer confidence. Proactive, planned warehouse maintenance is the key to equipment reliability.
Increases the lifespan of assets
Well-maintained assets last longer. Regular maintenance ensures all aspects—such as lubrication, cleaning, chain tensioning, necessary adjustments, etc.—are carried out as per manufacturer advisories. Wear and tear is measured, and any necessary parts are repaired/replaced. This proactive care extends the life span of assets and can amount to thousands of dollars saved over time.
Increases warehouse safety
Warehouse safety is a key component of planned warehouse maintenance. Equipment that functions correctly dramatically reduces the risk of injury to personnel, with a further knock-on effect of helping to keep insurance costs in check. Warehouse owners and managers also have a legal responsibility to ensure all asset maintenance is regularly implemented.  It also inspires employee, shareholder, and customer confidence.
Increases profit
The underlying driver for all warehouse operations is to make a profit. A planned warehouse maintenance program not only saves money over time, but the reliability it brings also increases consumer confidence. This translates into making the operation more attractive to both present and future clients, as well as helping to lure the highest caliber of employees to work within the facility.
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Your bottom line is directly impacted by asset reliability and longevity. Proactive maintenance is key to increasing these, both of which translate to customer confidence and the need to spend less money on repairs and equipment replacement. Defining the right planned maintenance agreement for your warehouse plays a pivotal role in budgeting and planning.

Fast Equipment offers the ultimate maintenance agreements unique to your needs. Get in touch today to discover the advantages.

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