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Loading Dock Lifts

Solving Loading Dock Challenges With Customizable Dock Lifts

Upscale safety and efficiency for loading/unloading in tight spaces with a loading dock lift. Also known as a scissor dock lift, this flexible solution removes the need to use ramps or grade-line doors, reduces manual handling, and increases loading dock productivity. They can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of virtually any application.

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Dock Lift Solutions

Bridging the gap from trailer bed to warehouse floor within ground and multi-level loading scenarios.

The Solution for Limited Spaces
When space is tight, a loading dock lift provides an ergonomic solution that accommodates a wide variety of situations. Switch from an elevating lift to a heavy-duty dock leveler as required—at the simple push of a button. The ideal solution for warehouses with diverse loading/unloading needs. 
Ground and Multi-Level Applications
Loading dock lifts provide versatility for ground-level and multi-level applications. Encompassing both elevating lift and heavy-duty dock leveler functions, the asset provides flexible functions to streamline loading processes, reduce handling needs, and improve personal safety.
Truck & Trailer Dock Lifts
Overcome different vehicle types and heights with a truck & trailer lift designed to increase the ease and speed of everyday loading challenges. Transfer products from forklift to trailer bed more efficiently, ease trailer positioning issues, and protect workers with cutting-edge safety features.
Loading Dock Lifts as part of a Dock System
Adds versatility to a complete loading dock system, with the option to link into smart software during future upgrades. The ability to customize for individual requirements makes a loading dock lift one of the most valuable assets that serve a variety of loading and unloading needs.
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Discover the Right Loading Dock Lift for Your Application

Loading dock lifts provide a versatile solution for virtually every loading dock challenge. Safe and efficient, our expert advisors will help you find the correct dock lift for your warehouse, plus our service and repair programs cater to one-off needs as well as ensure you get the ultimate longevity from your investment.
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