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Loading dock levelers

Smoothing the Transition from Warehouse to Trailer 

Dock levelers are designed to improve the process of moving goods from the warehouse floor into a truck trailer. There are different types, utilizing mechanical, hydraulic, or air-powered mechanisms to raise and lower as necessary. This enables them to accommodate varying trailer heights and minimize the number of movements necessary, thus speeding up the transportation process.

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Understanding dock levelers

There are different types of leveling equipment, each designed to provide strategic loading solutions for a variety of applications.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers
Hydraulic levelers use push button automation to raise and lower, as opposed to the operator manually pulling on a chain. As well as expediting loading/unloading speeds, this type of leveler reduces vibration, which, in turn, lowers the chance of operator injury and damage to products. A high-quality option that withstands heavy use.
Edge of Docks
An economic solution for applications of low to moderate gross weight that have little variance in trailer height. These come in hydraulic, mechanical, or air-powered options and help speed up loading/unloading processes as well as improve operator safety. The latest high-strength construction materials provide extended asset longevity.
Vertical Storing Dock Levelers
An excellent choice for facilities with multiple loading/unloading needs, a vertical storing dock leveler also provides environmental control. This makes it a great solution for food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, and any other goods that require temperature-sensitive surroundings.
Hydraulic, Mechanical, & Air-Powered Levelers
Mechanical dock levelers provide a traditional, reliable, and economical dock leveling solution that has the lowest initial cost among other pit mounted levelers but is the most expensive type of dock leveler to service and maintain over their life.  Air-powered options are a resistant, robust option with a push-button control that are moderately more expensive than mechanical levelers but can involve reduced service and maintenance requirements when compared to mechanical units. The hydraulic option gives you more versatility than the air or mechanical dock levelers and usually have lower service and maintenance costs over the life of the unit.
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Fast Equipment provides the fitting and servicing of a wide variety of loading dock levelers and works with you to determine which is best suited to your facility. We also provide repair and maintenance options to ensure the lowest lifetime ownership costs and longevity.

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