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Vehicle Restraints

Choosing the Right Vehicle Restraint System for your Facility

There are a variety of vehicle restraint systems on offer, each of which is designed to improve safety, productivity, and security at the loading dock. With numerous loading dock accidents occurring every year, installing advanced preventative measures not only streamline processes but also ensure everyone within the warehouse benefits from the ultimate in personal safety.

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Vehicle Restraint Systems

Installing a vehicle restraint system within your loading dock is an essential feature that makes loading processes safer and more efficient.

Understanding Vehicle Restraints
The job of any vehicle restraint system is to prevent a trailer from leaving the loading dock during the loading/unloading process. Depending on the type chosen, this is managed through rotating hooks, stabilizers, sensors, barriers, audible & visual alarms, and wheel-based restraints. The correct type of vehicle restraint will be driven by your loading dock application. 
Selecting the Right Vehicle Restraint
Industry trends change over time and the global supply chain continues to increase, This means the selection of vehicle restraint system should be a strategic one. This is often best approached in partnership with an expert supplier. Fast Equipment’s consultation service assesses your loading dock requirements to determine the ultimate solution (or solutions) that best suit your facility’s needs.
Restraints for all Applications
The aim of all vehicle restraints is to improve communication between the driver and dock attendant. Because of the multiple different loading scenarios and applications, there are various options designed to address the challenges posed. Examples include wheel-based restraints, those that stabilize horizontal and vertical movement, vertical barriers, hazard recognition, and more.
Improving Safety
Loading docks and forklift use are common accident sites. In the US alone, more than 20,000 annual injuries occur, of which, sadly, around 100 deaths are regularly reported. This is the very reason that vehicle restraints are used and why technology is constantly advancing the systems to better protect personnel. These assets should also benefit from regular maintenance to ensure correct functionality. 
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Take Advantage of the Fast Equipment Expertise

Vehicle restraints are a vital element of any loading dock. Increasing safety and security in your application is an obligation that benefits all personnel, increasing customer, employee, and shareholder confidence. Select the ultimate option with the assistance of Fast Equipment’s decades of expertise. Our services also provide the necessary ongoing maintenance all vehicle restraint systems should undergo.

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