Fast Equipment Industrial Curtain Walls

Industrial curtain walls

The Modular, Adaptable Way to Divide, Enclose, & Partition Spaces

The installation of a curtain wall is a fast, flexible, inexpensive solution to separate spaces and upscale operations in a wide variety of applications. Our extensive range includes welding curtains, climate curtains, sound curtains, clean curtains, and outdoor curtains.

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Redesign & repurpose spaces

The fastest and easiest way to create dividers, enclosures, & partitions within virtually any industrial setting.

Understanding Industrial Curtain Walls
Industrial curtain walls offer a modular, flexible solution to quickly and inexpensively partition areas within a facility. This adaptable option is ideal for temporary installations, where speed is of the essence, or for those requiring regular reconfiguration. A wide choice of material construction makes them suitable for multiple applications. 
Industrial Curtain Wall Applications
Today’s advanced materials mean curtain walls are suitable for multiple applications. Not only do they provide dividers, enclosures, & partitions in virtually any scenario, but are also effective for temperature, noise, and dust control. They can also contain humidity, keep cleanroom environments safe, guard against heat transference, and more.
Curtains Walls with Door Options
Curtain walls are supplied on retractable racks, making them easy to open and close. However, if you require a fixed, static-position curtain instead, they can be provided with a variety of door options. These include strip curtains, swinging doors, motorized rollup doors, walk-through strip curtains, etc.
Customizable Design 
Industrial curtain walls are fully customizable and are designed to exact specifications. This includes size, layout, colors, material, and any other bespoke requirements, such as doors or vision panels. Other accessories include curtain valances, floor sweeps, anchor straps, Velcro seals, chain weights, and more.
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Fast Equipment Offer the Widest Range of Curtain Walls for Multiple Applications

Innovative use of dividers, enclosures, & partitions is the ultimate way to quickly repurpose or redesign both internal and external warehouse and industrial facilities. Fast Equipment is a leading industry provider that specializes in turning your partitioning needs into reality.

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