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Defining the Right Industrial Fans for your Application

The role of industrial fans is to circulate air within your facility. Any large-scale commercial or industrial space benefits from strategic airflow, something that can be achieved through the use of the correct combination of HVLS, HVHS, or Destratification fans.

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Reduce energy consumption and improve environmental conditions with the correct fan architecture.

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans are a lightweight, powerful, direct-drive option to move air around a commercial/industrial space. They typically measure anywhere between 8 ft – 24 ft in diameter and create unnoticeable airstreams. They are a highly effective option that helps keep large facility spaces at an ambient temperature. This highly popular option moves large quantities of air at minimal cost.
High-volume, high-speed fans are portable options that can effectively help lower internal facility temperatures. While their use isn’t as widespread as HVLS fans, a combination of both can often provide the best airflow results. HVHS fans are also a great option for areas that won’t house a larger HVLS model, as they can sit on the floor, be mounted on a wall, or fit into other snug locations.
Destratification Fans
These use a precise mechanism that moves columns of air from ceiling to floor, mixing warmer and colder pockets to create an even temperature throughout the facility. They’re small—typically <2ft in diameter—and enclosed in a barrel-shaped structure. As well as providing a consistent temperature throughout a facility, they can also be angled to provide spot cooling in a specified area.
Maintenance and Repair
Industrial fans require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. A regular maintenance program to assess function, clean, lubricate, and replace any necessary parts is crucial for reliable, year-round function. Because many fans, and HVLS in particular, are sited high in a facility’s rafters, taking advantage of a specialist maintenance service is often the safest and most economical way to do this. 
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Selecting the correct air circulatory system in your facility is crucial for efficient airflow and interior comfort. Partnering with Fast Equipment for your fan requirements can help reduce energy consumption and related costs, as well as increase the air quality within an enclosed environment.

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